It’s been a while

Well my last post was so negative that I have had a hard time convincing myself not to drop this site all together. After spending some time thinking about it, I decided not to make such a rash decision. I’m going to keep it and give it another go. I’ll be making some new rules to my posting style though to prevent such a long and silent period.

My verbal temper tantrum was uncalled for and somewhat overblown. I now realize the importance of keeping every post on the positive side. When you start submitting negative posts and giving into the desire to rant with uncontrolled frustration and criticism, not only do you lose credibility from a readers perspective, you tend to start losing credibility towards yourself. From here on I’m going to make it a goal to not only pick up where I left off by continuing to use this site, I will also try my best to keep everything I write very positive.

I’m also going to try and post more often. I’m thinking once a week would be a healthy start. Haven’t decided a good time to write once a week. Maybe I’ll make it a Saturday morning thing. I’ll test the waters a bit.

Anyway. I didn’t want to make this a long post. Just a quick thing to get this concoction of a site rolling again. I’ll try a more complete update within the next few days.


Likely an ignorant thought.

Ok. So I read this Quora question today that really sparked my interest. The question is this: “Is this the first universe or have there been previous ones?”.
  First of all, compliments to the person with the extreme shower thought. What a way to get my mind whirling.
  As a Catholic, it is hard for me to adapt where my beliefs are tied to modern theorys. However, I’m not one who likes jumping to the word “no” when ideas don’t match my current understanding. Everything can and should be analyzed. An idea is neither false nor true till it is proven. Of course, how you interpret proofs can lead to entirely different  beliefs, but that’s not where I’m attempting to take this discussion. This is not a discussion about the ruling. This is a discussion about the data.
What I know:
”  God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.  ”
What I also know:
Scientists and I would guess most of the population believe in the Big Bang. The spontanious explosion that catapulted life into existence around 13.7 billion years ago.
Now when I was younger and more innocent, I wanted to try and tie the two seemingly apposing sides together. On one side was mine and my families and more than half of the world’s beliefs, (I shouldn’t speculate that much. I honestly don’t know how much of the population is Christian) on the other side is the beliefs stands scientific research with fascinating and intriguing discoveries. For easier writing, I’ll refer to the two sides as Religion and Science. Do not misunderstand this as an argument between the two, this just for my own clarification. The population seems to have a clearly set line that identified which side an idea is on.
Intelligent Design, Religion.
Big Bang, Science.
Evolution, Science.
Eternal Life, Religion.
The “opposite” arguments go on and on. Because I was never content with scoffing an “opposite” belief I would hold onto it till it till I could digest it a little and try to figure out if the ideas weren’t so opposite.
  So anyway, when I was young I began to connect the Big Bang with the first light my faith speaks of. In other words, God said “Let there be light.” and then BOOM!! There was light. Not the deepest or best conclusion, but it connected some things I loved pretty well.
Now I’m a bit older. That theory holds a little bit has quite a few holes in it. The most prominent in my mind are:
1. The age of our universe.
2. The age of our sun and planet.
3. The age of civilization.
4. Adam and Eve.
5. And that God did it all in a week. (Well, 6 days actually)
There are a few others but these really grate on my theory. I suppose I’ll just need to write off my fifth objection as God’s view on time. I mean, we all know that God is not bound by time. He has neither a beginning nor an end. So who says a week for him couldn’t be a few hundred million years? It’s not much but it’s enough to shrug off that objection.  I’ll skip Adam and Eve as well as the age of civilization for the sake of this not being an evolution argument. This is a discussion of the beginning. This post is getting too long anyway.
   In Science, the age of our sun is certainly younger than our universe and the age of our planet younger still. In fact, nearly every day in my theory would be getting drastically smaller as God’s creation week progressed. I know us humans are special and all but I think the time it takes the universe to be made would be quite a bit longer.
   Perhaps it isn’t a matter of how long it took but rather at what point this all really began. (That could be a joke about this post) Maybe I’m looking at this way wrong. After all, the church ruled out the Earth as being the center of the universe years ago. Why haven’t I? Nobody said the first light was the Big Bang. (Well yeah, they did, but ignore that point) Of course he meant the sun! So in that case, I should probably take “In the beginning” in a little bit more of a subjective view than I have. The subject being us and not the universe. Perhaps the beginning was simply about our planet? Why couldn’t it be?
……….. I need to ponder this. ……………
Oh crap! I need to leave work!