Just a little catching up.

   I really need to stop using my blog as a journal. It makes it so boring when I do. I made this blog with good intentions of creative thought and constructive writing, but it’s only become a sort of dumping ground. Nothing more than a place for all the experiences, thoughts and happening that go on within my slightly complex life. I wish I could just write something clearly and concisely like I know some writers can. They write a short blog post every day that keeps everything up to date. I wanted to do that, I just get carried away! …. See look! … Nothing significant has been said yet. …. Gosh darn it. I’m starting over. Should I post this?….. Eh, sure.


A trip to Marquette

As a future student the wonderful Northern Michigan University, I drove up to Marquette with my two sisters for my orientation today. I have always loved the upper peninsula and so now that I know I’m coming to live up here, it’s super exciting. And yet, I have some pretty extreme mixed feelings. I will be (for the first time in my life) living away from home, people I know, places I know and most of my family. Sure I’ll have my sisters in their house only a few miles away from my dorm, but that can hardly make up for me moving away from so much. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about the whole ordeal actually. On one hand, I feel as though I’m finally taking the wheel for my own life. On the other hand, I’m saying goodbye to nearly everything I know. I feel reluctant but certain. Jackson is not the place for me right now. I think, if nothing else, Marquette might just instill that desire for home that seems to be rather … weak right now. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. I love Marquette but I was born in Jackson. I don’t know where I will settle down when the time comes but Jackson will probably never leave the list of potential places.
While talking with my sisters on the way up here, they gave some very insightful advice. I would like to quote what they Caytie said word for word but I’m not confident I have it perfectly right.
There comes a time where we need to find ourselves, experience things, learn about what we love, learn about who we love and what we want in life.
I believe my time for that has come. Wish me luck

Why this blog exists

After much consideration and some minor coaxing from one who is very dear to me, I have decided to start my own blog. This was not something I planned to do, nor was it a spontanious decision. The thought of making a blog has always been present at the back of my mind. This thought was always encouraged by random desires to write, ramble, shed opinions and even vent about countless different subjects. Although I have never been one to keep a journal, I can’t tell you (you being the unlucky reader to have stumbled upon this site) how many times I have had an experience or strong opinion of something that I wished to have jotted down somewhere. There have been times where the desire to document something was so strong that I would pick up any random notebook and just start writing. Alas, this was not a good habit. For now, while I wish to read some of these sudden writings, my use of many notebooks has prevented me from finding all of them. This is yet another reason as to why I wish to have a blog. I consider it a public yet slightly anonymous journal where I myself will take more pleaser out of rereading than any passerby visiting the site.

I look forward to filling this site with more content in the near future. I have a few post ideas that I am looking forward to writing. Some of these ideas will come to explain the name of this site and why I chose it. Others will be nothing more than the fulfilment of a random desire to write.

Let’s see how this goes.