For those who stumble upon this blog and wonder who I am, I am a random individual who enjoys writing randomly.

I made this blog sort of on a whim. I had no clearly defined purpose in mind for this site. I was actually just looking for a place where I could write when I felt the urge and express when I had a reason. To me this site is nothing more than a garbage can for my thoughts. For others it may be a source of entertainment.

The name was something I came up with to describe the in depth thoughts I was looking to write about. Just random thoughts that would came to me in my day. Thoughts of my life, thoughts of word meanings, my faith and even the cosmos.

Perception Orbit seemed to be a good name because I wanted to provokes a thoughtful turn in ones thinking. A different look around different ideas. If I ever become a better writer, I hope to attempt writing some of my thoughts as deeply and clearly as they sometimes come to me.

As Steven Hawking once said, “Quiet people have the loudest minds”. Although I would love to say this is true, I am in no position to do so. For we all have moments of deep thought. This is the place where I wish to document mine.


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