I’m ok

    Well … I was a bit of a baby in my last post. I will admit that my wording and attitude was rather sour. I pretty much ran to this blog kicking and screaming like a spoiled child and whining about things I could not have. This was very selfish of me. I am sorry to those who’s legacy as truly remarkable people was attempted to be tarnished. I may never be able to express my gratitude towards those who give so much, but I truly am grateful. I absolutely love that my gf was given an opportunity to experience something as incredible as Hawaii.
    I love her so very much and I miss her terribly. She has been keeping me in the loop as much as the time difference and Hawaii’s cell reception will allow. I wish she’d text more casually but I suppose it’s hard when I don’t have much to add to her excitement. I hope when she comes back she will fill in at least some of the silent gaps of communication. It feels like I don’t know what’s going on over there but I look forward to hearing about all later. I wonder if my dear is writing any of her experiences down. I should inquire on that tomorrow.


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