Well that was interesting.

     I was invited to a game night this evening by one of my gf’s classmate friends. He was getting together the usual group (minus my gf because she’s in Hawaii) and somewhat randomly sent me an invite. Not sure what spawned that idea but I was really happy for the company.
    It was a very fun evening with super smash bros, pizza and several board games. I (of course) was probably rather awkward but I did my best to be friendly, personable and engaging. I really did enjoy each and every one of them. The host this evening, who was also the person who invited me, he was very polite and friendly. All of the people there seemed to not even care that I wasn’t really part of the group. I mean, I had only met them for a short time before at a bonfire. I feel like I wouldn’t mind getting to know them a bit better as well.
    Now seeing as I over think everything, what can I take away from this evening? Well the whole invite came as a surprise to me. My first impression at the bonfire was not the most welcoming one. In fact I seemed to be the person in the way of this group talking to my gf, their friend. I was not trying to do this. I simply had a “it would be funner if you weren’t here” sort of vibe. So why invite me to another event? And without my gf! …. I’m still a bit puzzled about this but I’m trying to find this out. If my gf talks about me like I feel she does, one will of course become curious. They probably wanted to know a bit more about me. Honestly, my gf doesn’t talk about them much so I wanted the same. That probably sounds bad. She sometimes tells me what they all do as the group just not really about them individually. I only knew a few names before I met them.
    It was a bit awkward at first. Once we got passed the questions of why I wasn’t also in Hawaii (which was mostly a “well I was kinda not invited and/or told I couldn’t come) it got better after that. (I forgot to mention that in my last post) Anyway, I think I laughed more tonight than I have since I was back up north with my friends in the dorm. I can’t remember the name, but it had questions, improve and other sorts of turn based embarrassment. I truly hate games like that but with the right crowd, I always walk away having had a good time. As long as I never have to sing or hum. Which thankfully I didn’t … this time.
    I’m not sure what to make of this evening. I suppose I’ll get a chance to talk about it when my gf gets back. The combination of the time difference and her staying very busy makes for tricky communication. I will of course be patient though. Things will sort themselves out. Eventually.


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