“Why thank you!”

    You know, I got to thinking the just now. What is easier when hungry, turning down or excepting food from a stranger? At first my thought was “well of course less food is harder than more, so turning down is harder”. Then I got thinking and I realized something. Why is it, when I’m not feeling great or just not wishing to be social, do I always turn down food? Why, when someone offers me a cookie or candy, do I politely decline? This led me to wonder whether or not declining is easier. If I’m not in the mood for something, I don’t put an effort towards that. Regardless of my hunger, I will almost always refuse food while I’m stooping in a sour mood.
    Of course every circumstance is different. It might not be a matter of choosing a lazy path, it could just be stubbornness. But what about the times where you’re not in a bad mood and you still don’t welcome an offered morsel? There are still those times where you, despite being hungry, you just don’t want to get into that. But why though? Why can’t people just take the darn breakfasts bar?


One thought on ““Why thank you!”

  1. I think that it usually comes down to pride or the feeling of “owing” someone else. Generally speaking, people have very fragile egos, and even the offer of a small amount of food is enough to damage said egos.

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