Christmas Break (part 1)

Well … A lot has happened since my last post in November. Basically all of Christmas break and then some. In this new year I have decided to write a post at least once a week. I’m hoping that won’t be too difficult. Perhaps if I concentrate on making my posts a 5 minute activity rather than a 15 minute one. That would most certainly make this easier. But still, I have a lot to catch up on so … here goes.
   My classes ended with a pretty good bang this past semester with pretty good  grades. I did fairly well in all but Calculus, which I dropped and will be retaking this winter semester. I didn’t quite get a 4.0 on all of my classes but considering the major challenge in them, a B and an A- aren’t as bad as I had expected. I’m greatful and somewhat motivated to do well this next semester. My plate will have a lot more on it but for some reason I feel more capable. Perhaps my life has suddenly become more clear to me as of late. I think this Christmas break had something to do with it.
   Christmas break started a little later than I would have liked due to hours that needed to be filled at Target Mobile (where I work) after school ended. I moved out of the  dorms and stayed with my sister while I worked the week after school ended and before I wanted to leave on the 20th. It all turned out well though. I had time to get most my Christmas shopping done up here and made a little extra money with the extra hours. I also made a little extra for a number of phone sales.
   I drove home on the 20th with my cousin from Michigan Tech. Although I enjoy driving alone on the long trek back home, George is a fun guy to be around. Especially when we get talking and I end up learning things from his … dare I say … somewhat superior intelligence. It seems like I always learn something fun or mathy while riding with him. We arrived late that night. We said hi to my family and I said hi to the family Yorkies. Both of which I hadn’t seen since Thanksgiving last month. The next day I got to see my girlfriend Katrina whom (despite the great love I carry for my family) I had missed most since my last visit. I had drove to her house to have lunch with her and her sister. I’ll spare anyone reading the warm sentiments that were experienced with this long awaited connection. Something that provoked a “gross” from Katrina’s sister Alex who doesn’t seem to care about such things. (At least not openly) 😉
   That evening Katrina, her sister and most everyone in my family plus some friends all went to see the new Star Wars. This was a lot of fun but I’ll have to refrain from talking about it till I have time for another post. I might go off on a tangent here if I start picking apart my opinion of it. All that I feel I need to say now is that I liked it and look forward to seeing it again. (Hopefully before school starts)
   The days leading up to Christmas were exiting enough but my post is getting a little long for all trifles that went on between then and Christmas. On Christmas morning I woke up at about 9am. A very late time compared to previous years. Perhaps this is a sign of me growing up. …. I would doubt that though.
   The gifts were all very nice. I’m proud to say that Katrina made me lemon bars for one of her gifts to me. A delicious treat I value quite highly. Hopefully she likes the watch, gloves and other small things I got her. I wanted to make her something carved out of wood,  (Something I did almost every year for those close to me) but alas, 4 days was not enough time to make something. I will try for something like that next year. Or perhaps her birthday if I can manage that. I was also given a homemade quilt by my mom who had (unbeknownst to me) been gathering material for it since the summer. It truly is a work of art. It is space themed with a stary blue nebulas like background with a wood like fabric dividing the scene into small squares. This gives it a look something like a window with many cross beams stretching horizontally and vertically across the quilt. I love it very much and look forward to showing it off to my friends in the dorm up here.
   I enjoyed my Christmas tremendously. Seeing my family all together again with the general happiness that  Christmas seems to spark was a welcoming sight for me. Especially since I hadn’t seen that since … well …. last Christmas. There were some pretty major things that happened later on Christmas day and later in the fallowing week that I must also address, but this post is getting a bit long so ……..
End of part one.


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