I’m feeling better.

In my past couple of posts I talked about some struggles I had been experiencing. Not exactly sure why I decided to post such gloomy thoughts. I feel I should address them as I take advantage of this some what more chipper rebound.

In my previous post I believe I talked about depression. I still believe that I was dealing with that to a degree. Less extreme than what might usually be considered diagnosable, but still prevalent enough to effect me. There are things going on in my life that have been taking a toll on me. Some of which have to do with me and some with those I love. My sister has been (and still is) somewhat sick. For the sake of her privacy I believe I am not at liberty to elaborate on the issue further. All I can say is that it has my parents, my siblings and I all very worried. We love her very much.

Because of this problem with my sister, my mother drove the 8 hours up here to see her. This is such a blessing. I love and have missed my mother a lot these past 87 days since I last saw her and the rest of the family. But who’s counting? Although the main purpose was for my mother to come see my sister, I can’t help but think my mom came just in time to really get me out of this hole I was in. I’m feeling a lot better now that she’s here. It’s really nice to see her again.

I’m going to say some prayers for my sister in the mean time. Hopefully everything will turn out well.
Oh one last thing before I go to sleep.      I can’t give all the credit of my brighter mood to my mother. A good portion of the credit belongs to my girlfriend Katrina. Thanks to her I’m feeling much better. I love her very very much.


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