NMU Orientation: End of Day 2

Well this is shameful of me. I had said I would write more the next evening and here I am writing four days later. I’ll have to work on getting to bed at a more reasonable hour.
I had said I would write about the organization fair that was held on Tuesday evening at NMU, so I will start my post with that.
Northern Michigan University is fairly well known for their student involvement. NMU currently holds over 335 organization / groups where students take take part in anything from vollentieer services on campus or within the city of Marquette, academic achievement groups or business groups to other interests like sports groups, a news TV station group and even a group for tree climbers. At an org fair, organization / group leaders sit at a table trying to get more people to join their group. Basically, once you finish hearing about them and their group you decide whether or not you would be interested in taking part. If the answer is yes you basically just give your email and they will contact you with more info. At this particular org fair there was only a portion of the groups at NMU. There is a bigger one with nearly all of them sometime in the fall. Regardless, I met a ton of cool people. One of which was from my own town. Now I didn’t count the amount of org leaders there were there but I would guess if is somewhere between 30 and 50.
I really look forward to going up north. It’s going to be awesome.


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