First Day at NMU orientation

Well, today was my first day at the NMU orientation. The day went by pretty quickly. It started at about 9 with a nice breakfast with my sisters. Caytie was generous enough to let me try some of the jam from … I believe it was the keweenaw jam company or jelly co. I can’t remember. It was delicious though.
I road my sister’s bike down to campus where I signed in and gathered my gear then happened strike up a conversation with an interesting fellow who’s first name was Gage. Turns out he was also from downstate just south of Detroit. I asked him what he was majoring in but my memory is failing me at this moment. I asked a lot of people that question actually and I remember only a few. This is all very long and rambly but I’m only half awake right now so I don’t expect this post to be interesting. I simply wished to document it.
The tour was fairly short and very informative, I was a little surprised how fast and simple it was in getting my NMU ID card. I think it only took about 45 seconds, maybe a minute. Afterwords, Gage and I wandered around and saw the tunnel leading from the library to their uh …. Science building? (Don’t quote me on that) That was super awesome. I loved the sound it made when we opened the door. The eerie and somewhat chilling sound of a cold empty cement tunnel. It reminded me of the Chicago subways.
When Gage and I split up, I debated going to the PIEF building which is a uh …. Physical something educational facility. After finding out it was too far I saught out the music hall where I discovered an enormous amount of practice rooms, many of which had pianos in them. I played on one then left and had a lunch with my sisters.
The welcoming session was pretty much just a skit but it was entertaining enough. Oh I suppose I should say that although I am a transfer student from the local Jackson College back home. I was stuck going to the freshman orientation. This was simply because I registered late. I hardly noticed the difference till the students in charge of orientation did their skit. I feel like I recognized one of the performing students. Maybe my sister knows her.
The members of the audience (excluding the parents) were all split up into male and female groups and led to smaller group meetings. This was where we discussed classes, requirements and other such things. Some. Some of these small groups later reunited for games and due to inclement weather we’re forced to play inside. We played capture the flag and I had lots of fun walking and running briskly down hallways trying not to get tagged. Of course capture the flag is not an indoor game and so we were doomed to fail while we tried running past the large enemy group crammed in the hall just across the battle line.
Ice cream was provided to us all after games and there I exchanged more phone numbers with a few guys.
Yeah. I think I might like it here.


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